MS Office Resource

I just wanted to share with you a good resource for MS Office (Word, Excel, etc.) troubleshooting. It is also a WordPress site, and it is called the Cybertext Newsletter. The Cybertext Newsletter, authored by Rhonda, is my favourite bit of news that I welcome into my email inbox. She is easy to understand, approachable,Continue reading “MS Office Resource”

Find My Cursor

Mouse Properties Pointer Options Check the box for “Show Location…” Now that it is set up, when you press the CTRL button on the keyboard, your mouse cursor will be indicated [I was going to say “pointed out”, but then you would all groan and know that I tell bad jokes] It is especially usefulContinue reading “Find My Cursor”

The “I Can’t Cook” Cookbook

I have created a unique cookbook, designed to help people who say they can’t cook. The cost is $15 (contact me if you’d like to purchase one Here is one of my favourite September recipes: Apple Crisp 3/4 cup brown sugar3/4 cup Tbsp flour3/4 cup Tbsp oats1 tsp cinnamon1/2 tsp nutmeg1/2 cup margarine orContinue reading “The “I Can’t Cook” Cookbook”

Up On vs Upon

Up On = location that is elevated (e.g. Up on the mountain, there is plenty of fresh air.) Upon = a formal and antiquated version of  the word ‘on’, and sometimes “used to show that something happens soon after, and often because of, something else.”* (e.g. Upon seeing her test grade, she contacted the teacherContinue reading “Up On vs Upon”

What is a kangaroo word? This is new to me.

While I was looking something up online, I came across a term I had never heard of: kangaroo word. It means a word that contains its own synonym. explains it best here: The website even has a place for you to “play along”, how fun is that!?

Cent — Sent — Scent

Cent = in currency, a penny. One cent (1¢) = $0.01“C” is the first letter of the word, and the symbol is a “C” with a vertical line through it, which helps us to remember which word to use. Sent = arranged for someone or something to be taken away to another location Scent =Continue reading “Cent — Sent — Scent”

Capitol vs Capital

Capitol with an “-ol” = the building where a state legislature meets Only use upper-case “C” when referring to the one in Washington, D.C., “Capitol  Hill” Capital with an “-al” = for everything else : – ) e.g. Upper case letters, as in capital H e.g. “That’s a capital idea!” (British) e.g. The capital of Manitoba isContinue reading “Capitol vs Capital”

Complement vs Compliment

Complement means “to go well with”, for example, “Those bright pillows complement the neutral colour of the sofa.” To compliment means to comment in a positive way on a trait of a person or thing. For example, “I meant to compliment her on the intelligent question she asked, but didn’t catch her before she leftContinue reading “Complement vs Compliment”

Leaving Time to Proofread

The following link to a CBC article calls attention to the importance of leaving enough time to proofread. Spelling error on bronze plaque unveiled by Queen cost taxpayers $4K to fix A plaque the Queen unveiled at Canada’s high commission in London fixed after spelling error spotted  

Breath or Breathe?

A trick to remembering which one to use is this:  There is an “e” on the end of the word “breathe”. Breathe is an action. You breathe the air. The “e” on the end makes the one in the middle sound like a long “e” .   The “th” is like in “those”. The other word,Continue reading “Breath or Breathe?”

Quit, Quiet or Quite

Notice there is no “e” in one of the words. Also, the “e” is in a different place in the other two words. Rule: Quit has no “e”, therefore the “i” is a “short i“. So the “i” in quit  sounds like the “i” in pit. Meaning: Quit = Stop Quiet. If you sound it out byContinue reading “Quit, Quiet or Quite”

Then vs Than

Often people will use “then” in places where they need “than”. Incorrect: The girl in red is taller then the girl in blue. Correct: The girl in red is taller than the girl in blue. It’s a comparison, like “stranger than”, “more than you would think”, or “colder than”. Side note: Winnipeg, where I am,Continue reading “Then vs Than”

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