Tracy McConnell

I am a freelance editor who lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. My education includes a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry, an Environmental Law course and a handful of courses from the Editing Certificate program at Simon Fraser University. I have volunteered as a proofreader for the Gutenberg Project, and worked as both a transcriptionist (audio to text) and captioner (video closed captioning). In addition I have experience as an English teacher for on-line classes with Open English. 

I volunteer with the Manitoba Editors’ Association, currently in the role of secretary.

A recent project I have taken on is the creation of a cookbook. For more information on this, click here. 

The I Can't Cook Cookbook with a picture of a banana bunch

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Fairytale Book

up on…or upon?

Prospector clipart
Gold Rush Prospector

prospective…or perspective?

Source: Clker Clipart

What is a Kangaroo Word?


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